Preparing for IVF for PCOS

This is a very large topic, and taking certain drugs during preparation, for example, as well as within the framework of the protocol, is selected strictly individually for each patient, so I will talk about the doses of drugs.
There are some general recommendations that I will be happy to share with you.
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🌹If with PCOS, pregnancy was not achieved by stimulating ovulation or there are concomitant factors (for example, blockage of the tubes or male factor), then the IVF protocol will be selected. In the vast majority of cases, this should be a protocol with antagonists!
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What to consider when preparing for the protocol: 👇🏻
🌹Decrease in body mass index. Remember that you need to lose weight gradually, you cannot drop it abruptly, this is also stress for the body. In about 30% of patients with PCOS and overweight, with a decrease in weight, pregnancy will occur and IVF simply will not be needed. At normal weight, insulin resistance is also common, so the exclusion of easily digestible carbohydrates and sweets is a universal recommendation.
🌹 Get rid of bad habits and Yes, alcohol and smoking negatively affect the success of the attempts.

Pregnant parents making a heart shape on her belly

🌹Restore vitamin D and iron levels.
🌹To correct the function of the thyroid gland.
🌹Regular physical activity. The key word here is “regular”. One study found that diet and exercise for polycystic ovary disease was 34% effective, while metformin was only 18% effective.
🌹 Given that PCOS patients often have insulin resistance, a drug may be prescribed to increase the sensitivity of the cells to insulin. Previously, the antidiabetic drug metformin (glucophage, siofor) was used for this purpose, now drugs containing inositol (myo-inositol) are coming to the fore. They contribute to the elimination of androgenic disorders and restore insulin sensitivity.
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What NOT to do:
❌ take glucocorticoids (metipred, dexamethasone) 1-3 months before the protocol.
❌ Drink contraceptives for more than a month in order to prepare for stimulation.
❌ Plan a long protocol.
I wish everyone successful protocols! ❤️
Let a stork fly to everyone.

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