Office Location


Hycroft Medical Centre

Suite 112, 3195 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3K2

Tel: (604)-733-3358

Office Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:30AM ~ 5:30PM

Click for Map of 3195 Granville Street in Vancouver, B.C



There are two free parking stalls (#67;#68) reserved only for our current clients on the top floor (P1) of a five storied basement parking lot . The entrance of the parking lot is in the back of the building.

Public Transportation

TransLink bus service provides public transportation within this area. the #9, #10, #16,and #99 Bee-line all stop on Broadway at Granville Street. Our office is located at five blocks South off Broadway. #10 bus (Northbound) stops at Granville Street. Both #10 and #33(westbound) just stop in either side of the building (Granville Street or West 16th Avenue).

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