Machinima Revolution?

The McComb School of Business at UT Austin had the foresight to include a segment on machinima as part of a series on “The Film Business.” The piece focuses exclusively on “Red vs. Blue,” which is a great example of machinima for the masses…

Video games and filmmaking collide in the realm of Machinima, an emerging medium dominated by the cult Web series “Red vs. Blue.” Series creator Burnie Burns pulls back the curtain for a look inside this brave new world where producers can reach their audiences directly.

Much of what is discussed in the piece has to do with online content in general (viral distribution, instant feedback). But my favorite part is when Burns says, “…we’re gonna see everybody’s story that they want to tell, because there’s  gonna be no barrier for them to stop and say, ‘I cant do this, maybe I’ll do it next year.’” I know exactly what he means. For example, in “Smell Memory,” there’s one sequence that I envisioned as being only 3 shots because I assumed it would be so difficult. It ended up being a whole 1.5 minute sequence where we were able to achieve everything we imagined. The result was our first battle sequence! We were actually able to do MORE than we wanted to do. So far, we’ve still encountered no limits.

Here’s the video:

Any serious discussion of where film is headed should touch on this revolution, so kudos to UT Austin.

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  1. kris maxwell says:

    Thanks for posting the video- it was very enlightening to speak with Burnie about his experience on the digital frontier, and I am happy that it is finding resonance with others.

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